Mass Design builds quality printed circuit boards for customers who value product reliability and timely delivery. We do a complete design review of all prototype and production boards utilizing our Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) review. With our design experience and our many years fabricating PCBs we eliminate many simple errors. This ensures that your PCB boards are fabricated correctly the first time, helping our customers time to market. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 Certified.





“At the prototype level, it takes a lot of communication to get a printed circuit board up and running. That’s where integrated manufacturing comes in. We get everyone talking to each other – from engineering and design through testing – so that we solve problems before going into production.”  

Tony Bourassa, Mass Design President and Co-Founder during a recent interview at IPC

Our full range of PCB design software includes Mentor Graphics, Expedition,View Logic,  Schematic Capture, Valor and more...